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In-house or Outsourcing. Which is better for Website Development?

In-house or Outsourcing. Which is better for Website Development?

There are 2 ways to develop any website. 1st is in-house development and 2nd is outsourcing to a competent Agency. Let’s go through pros and cons of each option.

In house Development-


  1. You can sit beside your designer / developer and monitor the things.
  2. ‘N’ number of changes and iterations can be done.
  3. You have the source code.


  1. You have to hire a Graphic Designers, Web Developers and SEO Experts which will increase the cost of Development in due course of time. 
  2. Once the project is completed you need to either fire a few employees or adjust them in some other mismatched project which may not suit their work profile. And both the scenarios may not be good for you. 
  3. It is observed that in-house developments are started without pre-deciding on scope of work which can unnecessarily delay the project.



  1. Scope of work and Budget is obviously discussed in advance which helps in completing the project on time and within the decided budget.
  2. With a lot of skill-sets, an agency can cater to your increased demands.


  1. Main drawback is that you don’t get the source code of project.
  2. It might be hard to find a good.


We see that both ways have their own pros and cons. So what is the solution?

Here we recommend a good way out. Simply talk to an Agency or a reputed freelancer and agree to a few terms before giving the final order of the project.

  1. Sign a contract or get assurance on email that they will provide the complete source code after the project is complete. The agency may ask for some extra fees for that but it will still be much cheaper than the in house development cost.
  2. Hire a person and get him trained with the help of your Agency for regular website updating. This way you will be less dependent on the agency for day to day website updates.
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